About Me

Learn more about my approach to treating behavior problems in children with natural alternatives.

I was blessed first with a bio-daughter and then with 3 step kids. I’ve been through divorce, been the BM in someone else’s stepmom story, lived with my single-dad boyfriend, survived long-distance visitation, parental alienation, remarriage and even full-time step-parenting. I learned strategies and tools by educating myself and investing in myself.

Over time, I noticed what worked well for us. Thanks to my training and work in the holistic medicine field, I understood why it worked.

Now 12 years into my stepmom journey, I feel compelled to share my insight and hindsight with those who are just starting out or still trying to find the right path. I’m a teacher at heart, and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others transform problems into accomplishments.

I look forward to helping you move beyond your stepmom struggles to reach your potential so you can enjoy life and share your greatest gifts with the world.

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