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Do you feel like you have been thrown in the stepfamily deep end and nothing looks like what you were expecting? Relax, you’ve come to the right place! There ARE some simple truths about how to be a great stepmom and you can learn them in the way that feels best for you.

Stepmom Programs

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Group Coaching Program

This 4-week group course features video training and weekly live coaching sessions to fast-track your parenting skills, cultivate harmony with Bio-Mom and leave you feeling confident about your place in the family.


Learn At Your Own Pace

Learn a completely new way to approach problems such as disciplining kids who aren’t yours, de-fusing high-conflict family members, and how to reverse-engineer the sense of welcome and belonging you deserve – all custom designed for the stepmom.


Personal Mentorship Program

A one-to-one mentorship experience that will completely up-level your experience of being a stepmom as you get crystal clear on your goals and dreams for your stepfamily, learn strategies that will get you there, and benefit from constant support as you implement them step by step in your home.

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About Me

I was blessed first with a bio-daughter and then with 3 step kids. I’ve been through divorce, been the BM in someone else’s stepmom story, lived with my single-dad boyfriend, survived long-distance visitation, parental alienation, remarriage and even full-time step-parenting. I learned strategies and tools by educating myself and investing in myself.

Over time, I noticed what worked well for us. Thanks to my training and work in the holistic medicine field, I understood why it worked.

Now 12 years into my stepmom journey, I feel compelled to share my insight and hindsight with those who are just starting out or still trying to find the right path. I’m a teacher at heart, and I get a lot of satisfaction from helping others transform problems into accomplishments.

I look forward to helping you move beyond your stepmom struggles to reach your potential so you can enjoy life and share your greatest gifts with the world.


Share your daily stepmom struggles with a dynamic group of wise, experienced, generous stepmoms by joining my Facebook group:

Guided discussion and regular video tutorials.

What Stepmoms are saying about us

  • Today, thanks to her, I am more resilient, I am more tolerant, and I have more energy and balance. Quite plainly, Tracy helped turn my life around.

  • I'm glad I found this group. For once it's one of no trash talking, but helpfulness. Thank u again.

  • My mind is still blown from the way Tracy was able to understand my situation.  She helped me to see (it) from other points of view that no other professional has ever been able to.  It was truly eye-opening!

  • Tracy Poizner ... where were you 12 years ago when I became a step-mom? Man, I could've used this wisdom! ??


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