How To Give Your Stepkids Something Priceless [But Not Expensive!]

by Tracy Poizner  |  15.12.17 | 1:06

There is an old saying: The customer is always right. I don’t mean that your stepkids are always right – good grief! A family is not exactly a business, but it’s worth remembering that most business owners consider it a good investment to go the extra mile for their customers because a profoundly unhappy client can be a true disaster for your business. Remember that catchy song “United Breaks Guitars”?

Here’s where your stepkids come in. Unlike the dynamics of a first family, miserable stepkids can wreck even the happiest marriage. As a stepmom, your job is to hack into their deepest needs and be creative about fulfilling them. If you want a surefire way to be appreciated, you have to figure out how you can provide them with an essential service. What do they need more than anything? I am not talking about the latest video game system or an unlimited phone plan.

How would you feel if you really needed a blue pen, but you were supposed to be satisfied and happy with a black one? What about a shop owner who said “But that shirt looks really nice on you – honest! I think you should keep it instead of returning it.”

We make a mistake when we ignore what our kids/stepkids really need. We get it wrong because we can’t believe what it is.

Read part 2 tomorrow!

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