The Program

1. The Phone Call.
The first step is a one hour telephone call which is offered at no charge to all potential clients so that I can gather enough information to decide whether I feel my approach is right for your child. After this phone consultation, you can also decide whether you feel confident that I am someone who understands your situation and are comfortable talking with because we will be spending a lot of time together over the coming months!

2. An Objective Eye.
I will have you complete a short paper evaluation of your child’s behaviours and other symptoms at home either before or after we meet. It is very important that we establish clear, objective goals for treatment and regularly assess our results. Where appropriate, parents may choose to involve teachers or daycare providers in these initial and ongoing assessments.

3. The Consultation.
If you live in my area then an office consultation with one or both parents and the child is ideal, but I can work with video calls for people out of the area. This meeting is typically one hour long and will involve observing the child at play, interacting with the parents and/or making art. I delight in the time I spend with my young clients and it is through getting to know them that I am able to combine a special understanding of kids with my years of clinical experience to make the best possible remedy choice. Office consultations are repeated on a monthly basis and 15-minute support calls are scheduled once a week for the first month and bi-weekly thereafter.

4. Get Connected.
Peer support is an important part of this program. Hearing other parents relate their trials and successes can make all the difference in how you are able to weather your own challenges. In these web-based conference calls we will share parenting tips, behaviour modification strategies and even recipes. It is important place where you can share your own parenting stories in a non-judgemental, anonymous setting. No need to get a babysitter, just join in from the comfort of home.

5. Learn something new.
A password-protected members-only page of my website is devoted to educational content for parents regarding sleep hygiene, learning styles, food sensitivities, suggestions for play, nutritional supplements and more.

In addition, IMPROVING BEHAVIOUR NATURALLY is my monthly parent Meetup group, open to the public.