Is The Little Customer Always Right?

by Tracy Poizner  |  15.12.17 | 1:06

There is an adage in business that says: The customer is always right. Most successful business owners know this to be true. They know that it’s worth going the extra mile for your clients/customeers because a satisfied customer will bring you more business and a profoundly unhappy client can be a true disaster for your business. This is especially true in the era of social media where people’s shared impressions of you can even go viral! Remember United Breaks Guitars?

How does this apply to your stepfamily? Are the kids always right? Please say it ain’t so!!

Actually, it goes deeper than that. What the customer is always right ABOUT is his/her feeling about how well they were served by you – by your product or your service. Presumably, you tried your best to understand their need, and offered something to meet that need. If the product was not suitable because they needed a blue pen and got a black one, or because the shirt doesn’t fit well or the food doesn’t taste good, they should get a refund. If you are in a service oriented business, you should have done whatever work you agreed to do, on time at at the agreed upon price. If you offered a guarantee of satisfaction, they need to feel satisfied that their problem was solved.

Here’s where your stepkids come in. If you want a surefire way to be appreciated by them, you have to figure out how you can provide them with an essential service. What do they need more than anything? I am not talking about the latest video game system or an unlimited phone plan. How would you feel if you really needed a blue pen, but you were supposed to be satisfied and happy with a black one? What about a shop owner who said “But that shirt looks really nice on you – honest! I think you should keep it instead of returning it.”
We make a mistake when we ignore what our kids/stepkids really need. We get it wrong because we can’t believe what it is.

Read part 2 tomorrow!

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