I consider my work with children to be the best possible use of my training and talents.

TRACY3croppedMy most memorable successes over 15 years as a holistic practitioner have always been in the realm of children’s behavioural concerns, and for that reason I have chosen to focus my work in this area.

I use what is called a “whole child” approach in my work, so I look at many things besides behaviour in order to thoroughly understand the child inside and out. These might include sleep habits, food cravings, allergies, chronic illnesses, digestive troubles or skin issues. Like all living things, a child’s entire system is constantly working to balance itself and is always showing its needs with signs and symptoms that include outward behaviours. Unfortunately, we don’t always understand the language of those needs or know what to do to help. I use the skills I have honed over 15 years of practice to interpret these messages, and to select the very best remedy to act as a catalyst for restoring balance. When this new, healthier state can be maintained, problem behaviours and other symptoms have no use and gradually fade away.

My aim is to improve your child’s well-being for the long term so they can experience genuine pride of accomplishment, strong nurturing relationships and satisfying self-expression. I use safe, effective natural products that help strengthen the inner constitution, reduce sensitivities and increase tolerance for different types of stress. You can expect a positive change in the quality of your home life when your child is happier and more able to manage his or her own behaviour with confidence!

I have helped clients of all ages with a wide range of health problems both physical and emotional, but I consider my work with children to be the best possible use of my training and talents. I find it immensely rewarding to see my young clients overcome challenges with mood or behaviour and get on with the business of experiencing a joyful childhood, uncovering their gifts, reaching their full potential.

My formal training with the British Institute of Homeopathy was completed in 2001 and I continue ongoing studies with a number of exceptional teachers in Canada and abroad.

Please note that I use homeopathy in the context of a broad-based natural health practice. I am not a registered homeopath with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. If you wish to see a registered homeopath, please visit the college website: www.collegeofhomeopaths.on.ca