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Being in a state of balance is the constant goal of all living things. This is known in science as “homeostasis”. Organisms (including people) display their effort to meet their needs and to achieve this balance in many different ways, including physical symptoms and outward behaviours. These are the signs and symptoms used by practitioners like myself to find the very best remedy for helping the system to balance itself. When balance can be maintained, problem behaviours and other symptoms have no use and just disappear.

I use a variety of safe and effective natural products to strengthen the inner constitution, to reduce sensitivities and increase resistance to stress. Whether child or adult, my aim is to help you improve your health for the long-term so that you can experience a real sense of accomplishment, good bonds and relationships, and a peaceful emotional life.


Holiopathic Medicine is a holistic and integrated approach to health. The famous 12th century philosopher Maimonides said:

   The physician should not treat the disease,

but the patient who is suffering from it.”

I approach each patient in all their wholeness rather than focusing on single issues one at a time. In my practice, I choose from Bach Flowers, Cell Salts, homeopathy or gemmotherapy to best meet each client’s specific needs. I have observed that homeopathy is particularly effective in helping children overcome problematic behaviours, and I am very proud of the successes I have had in this area.

I work with parents to enhance emotional balance for their children during and after a divorce or separation, and to reduce their own potential for developing stress-related illness.

NES Bioenergetics Wellness System is a revolution in computerized health assessment tools. It has been said that the body never lies, and this bio-energy scan reveals our body’s top priorities for healing. With such information we can follow a treatment plan that respects the way your own body wants to be treated. This program can be especially helpful in uncovering mental and emotional issues as limiting beliefs and blocked emotions that prevent us from getting over ordinary injuries or illnesses.

Please note: Although I teach people to use homeopathy at home, and may suggest appropriate homeopathic remedies, I am not a homeopath and am not affiliated with the College of Homeopaths of Ontario. Please visit the RHPA page of this website for more information.


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Holiopathic Medicine